ATA Accreditation

Raising the Standards of the Tyre Industry in Ireland.

As part of our Drive for licensing programme ITIA members are getting their Tyre Technicians Accredited to help raise the standards in the tyre industry.  The ITIA Accreditation programme aims to set the legitimate trade apart from the black economy.  We believe that this Accreditation programme is the first, but vital step, towards bringing much needed regulation into our industry.

The ITIA Accreditation programme is independently delivered and accessed by the  IMI ( which is a not for profit organisation and is the governing body for Automotive Technician Accreditation(ATA).  It is driving a campaign for ‘Ethical competence’ through its members.  

Accreditation is valid for 3 years and successful candidates must follow a code of conduct which includes best practise.


Level one ATA Accreditation covers:

•    Health and safety
•    Tyres
•    Wheel Alignment
•    Exhaust Systems
•    Batteries
•    Vehicle Charging Systems

The training will be independently assessed and the successful candidates will receive Fast fit level one Technician certificates on passing the exam at the end of the training.

Training will be offered to groups of 12 tyre technicians and takes one day to complete, with another day to sit the accreditation exam.

All aspects will cover industry best practise.  The course is designed to be undertaken by those with fitting experience. There have been many new developments in the industry technology and we are keen to ensure that all our members have Accredited fitters who know how to safely and effectively deal with tyre replacement and repairs.

Health and safety and customer care are also covered on the course to help us all improve our service to our customers.  This helps to build customer loyalty and to gain better referrals for business through our existing customer base.

Why send fitters to ATA Accreditation?
The ITIA see training as an important aspect to membership of the association.  It will set our members apart and reassure the driving public that when they choose an ITIA member, they are dealing with a fully trained professional tyre outlet.  Together we can improve standards throughout the industry by working levels of best practise and offering a customer orientated service and after sales care.

Following the training day, the trainees will be assessed and then go forward for accreditation.  This gives everyone attending time to brush up on the information covered on the day, before they sit the exam.